De redovisar

Linda och Terry kan du se i en långfilm längst ner, och de känner före vad som kommer att hända, och de redovisar alltid, och jag håller lite koll på dem. Om vi nu kan lämna; Det går inte, det har vi aldrig gjort förut! – vill jag påpeka att alla har sett bilder på grottmänniskor som konkar omkring på stora klubbor.

Människan utvecklas, och jag betraktar tjejerna som ett exempel på vad vi har att vänta i framtiden liksom tankeöverföringar. Jag kan t.ex. känna om vissa runt mig är i fara, och det har alltid stämt. Jag reste mig t.ex. mitt i en diplomatmiddag i Jordanien nio på kvällen för att ringa Sverige för jag kände att en nära mig satt i klistret – stämde.

Vi kan inte riktigt förklara det här än bara. Våra politiker hjälper till för numera är det få som kallar tjejer som dessa för galna – den etiketten passar bättre för tanten Clinton.

Det här är vad de har prickat in för maj 2014:

Political Scandals
An avalanche of new Snowden documents go online – 5/8/14

New York: 70 arrested in online child porn ring, including Rabbi, little league coach, police officers and nurses – 5/21/14

Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal widens to many cities. Workers regularly falsified documents to show patients were seen by doctors within 2 weeks, when if fact 57,000 had waited months for medical care – 5/8/14

Team Obama was warned about Vets Scandal in 2008. 16 states report cover-ups – 5/19/14

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns over growing VA scandal – 5/30/14

Secret Service agents pulled off White House patrol, abandoned their posts over 2 months in illegal use of government resources – 5/11/14

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner claims in his memoir that White House asked him to lie about deficit – 5/12/14

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson fired for seeking equal pay – 5/14/14

White House scrambles to contain damage after outing CIA chief in Afghanistan – 5/27/14

Biggest ever corruption trial opens in Hong Kong. Billionaire brothers charged with 8 offenses – 5/8/14

9/11 Scandal: Families furious over 9/11 Memorial Museum – 5/19/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals
CNN hero Somaly Mam in Cambodia resigns after Newsweek expose, false story comes to light – 5/31/14

New Jersey Ponzi Scheme: Fort Smith woman surrenders in $42 million dollar ponzi scheme investigation – 5/28/14

Global crackdown: Fake medicines worth $31 million seized, agents arrest 237 people worldwide – 5/22/14

US Economy worst since 2011 – shrinks in 1st quarter, winter slowdown worse than experts predicted – 5/29/14

U.S. utility’s control system (Water and Power) was hacked, says Homeland Security – 5/20/14

Hackers in Iran use social media to target top senior U.S. and Israeli officials. Called “Most elaborate social media espionage campaigns ever seen.” – 5/31/14

“Creepware” – More than 90 people nabbed in global hacker sting. Called “one of the largest global cybercrime crackdowns” involving 19 countries – 5/19/14

5 Chinese hackers infiltrated U.S. industrial companies – first time U.S. has accused another country of espionage – 5/19/14

EBay tells users to change passwords after hack attack – 5/21/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings
Syria: Al Qaeda renegade group kills 15 Kurds in Northern Syria – 5/30/14

Syria: Rebels bomb Aleppo hotel that houses government forces. 14 killed, dozens injured – 5/8/14

Syria: Car bomb kills at least 29, dozens wounded – 5/15/14

Ukraine: Fighting rages with pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, dozens dead – 5/27/14

Ukraine: 13 killed as violence spikes ahead of election – 5/22/14

Ukraine: Donetsk airport – fierce fighting claims dozens of lives – 5/27/14

Yemen: 37 militants killed by Yemeni military – 5/4/14

Yemen: 16 killed in major attack targeting army HQ and gov’t buildings – 5/24/14

Yemen: 12 Al Qaeda members killed in “open warfare” – 5/1/14

Iraq: Suicide bombing at Baghdad mosque kills 20 – 5/27/14

Pakistan: Military kills 60 militants, injures 30 in airstrikes at Afghan border – 5/21/14

China: Worst politically motivated terror attack in China history – 31 dead, 90 injured at marketplace bombing – 5/22/14

China launches terrorism crackdown after Xinjiang region attack kills 44, wounds 90 – 5/23/14

China arrests 200 terrorists in crackdown – 5/26/14

China: 3 killed, 79 hurt in blast, knife attack in China train station – 5/1/14

Nigeria, Africa: 375 killed in massive Boko Haram attack – 5/7/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 48 – 5/21/14

Nigeria: 2 car bombings kill 130 in central city of Jos; Boko Haram terror network blamed – 5/21/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram extremists – 2 attacks kill more than 50 – 5/27/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram militants kill 33 security personnel in attacks – 5/28/14

Kenya, Africa: 10 dead, 76 wounded in 2 explosions – 5/16/14

England: man arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport on terrorism charges – 5/31/14

US: Al Qaeda on the rise – Stream of Al Qaeda threats has U.S. intelligence concerned – 5/21/14

California school shooting rampage: 7 dead, 13 wounded in Santa Barbara (Isla Vista). Called “premeditated mass murder.” Shooter dead. – 5/24/14

South Carolina: Myrtle Beach shootings, 3 killed and 5 wounded in peaceful resort town – 5/25/14

Tennessee: Florida murder suspect dead after standoff in Knoxville, killed 3 people – 5/27/14

Ohio: Violence prompts lockdown through end of school year at elementary school – 5/16/14

Texas: 4 injured in Houston TX shooting at after-prom party – 5/3/14

Georgia: 2 shootings in 2 days on Augusta, Georgia campus – 5/6/14

Atlanta, Georgia: Teen arrested after shooting 5 people at Therrell High School (first of two shootings at this school in 2 days) – 5/14/14

Atlanta, Georgia: High school locked down after teens shot. (Second shooting at Therrell High School in one week) – 5/15/14

Minnesota: Minneapolis teen, 17, plotted to kill family, bomb schools in Columbine-inspired rampage. Had explosives, guns in possession – 5/2/14

Minnesota: Raid on western Minnesota home thwarts terror attack. (Second plot in same area of this state in one week) – 5/6/14

Washington D.C. – 3 people shot near D.C. high school – 5/6/14

Phoenix, Arizona: Police arrest student in bomb scare – 5/7/14

Florida: US confirms that Syrian suicide bomber was American, born in Florida, the first time an American citizen has been involved in Syria attacks. Truck had 16 tons of explosives – 5/30/14

Egypt: 5 dead in explosions involving anti-government protestors – 5/3/14

Afghanistan: Suicide car bomb kills at least 13 at checkpoint – 5/1/14

Saudi Arabia: Saudis seize 62 militants linked to Al Qaeda, uncover plots to attack government and foreign targets, including US – 5/16/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs
Stem Cell breakthrough: Scientists grow new muscle in men’s injured legs – 5/1/14

Cancer breakthrough: Mayo Clinic Trial – Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer – 5/14/14

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Antidepressant Celexa may cut Alzheimer’s Protein – 5/14/14

MS and stem cells breakthrough: University of Utah researchers studying stem cells inadvertently cure mice of paralysis – 5/17/14

AIDS breakthrough: Prevention daily pill. Anti-HIV pill – 5/15/14

Breast Cancer bombshell: Most breast cancer patients who have double mastectomy don’t need it – 5/22/14

PTSD/ Depression/ Mental Illness breakthrough: Military is building brain chips to treat PTSD – 5/28/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms
Tornadoes and severe weather tore through central US: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska – 5/1/14 (also predicted on True Believers TV 1/3/14)

Earthquake: Tokyo shaken by strong 6.2 earthquake – 5/4/14

Mexico Earthquake, 6.8 magnitude near Acapulco – 5/8/14

Philippines: 5.0 Earthquake – 5/30/14

China: 6.1 earthquake hits near Myanmar border, injures dozens – 5/31/14

Denver, Colorado – 5 tornadoes touch down – 5/21/14

Bosnia, Serbia: extreme weather, flooding kills at least 2, worst in history. Thousands evacuated – 5/16/14

Record heat: April ties for hottest ever on record for the globe – 5/20/14

Celebrity Scandals
Retired NFL players file lawsuit claiming football league illegally used drugs – 5/20/14

Actor Ben Affleck caught counting cards in Las Vegas casino, asked to leave – 4/29/14

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Apollo Nida, pleads guilty to mail, wire and bank fraud. Massive ID theft scheme, over 50 people victimized – 5/8/14

Benham Twins, stars of Flip it Forward (HGTV) lose TV show after making homophobic comments – 5/8/14

Year of the Woman: Marvel Comics confirms they are developing first female superhero as lead in film (Black Widow) – 2/12/14
UPDATE ON MH370 Missing Malaysia Flight: Our predictions have again been confirmed. MH370 Pilot Zaharie Shah has been named the chief suspect; plans for Indian Ocean flight found on hard drive of home simulator.


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