Pris; förstörda barn?

Illuminati agenda
1 Elimination of all existing governments
2 Elimination of all private property
3 Elimination of the succession
4 Abolition of patriotism
5 Elimination of all religion
6 Elimination of the family
7 The creation of a world government

How the Illuminati have Destroyed the Family and taken the Feminism out of FEMale.The Feminist Movement and Equality has taken away a womans beauty and her power, as a result the children of today have been effected and not for the good, I firmly believe this, look at how children are today, they are insolent and bad mannered expect their parents to provide them with whatever they want, they have no respect for authority or their elders, or themselves, this I believe stems from the Mothers not being the person to raise them anymore, through Mothers being brainwashed by Feminism which caused them to need, desire or want a career, this then meant the children were raised by a child minder who was not the Natural Mother, who was merely an employee, and was looking after the child whilst its natural Mother went to work, therefore the children lost out on the upbringing they should have been getting from the Mother. We need to ask ourselves truthfully, what kind of world we are going to have at the hands of these children who in truth have no values, no respect and are nothing more than meme`s, who want everything but have no desire to do anything to achieve their aims, expecting the world to drop at their feet, and as a result they will just take, take, take, and give nothing back to society, because they dont know anything else. No wonder the world is so lawless, so violent, and corrupt, and for this we can thank the Illuminati the Powers That Be for destroying the Family. Theyve certainly done this, worldwide.