Operation ”Ta tillbaka Sverige”

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Hello there citizens of the world, we are anonymous. We really wish to get your attention.

All of you who live in Sweden have certainly learned through the news that NATO will not be able to help you if there would be an attack on Sweden.

And all this, we have only the Swedish government to blame.
More and more countries in the NATO defense alliance is skeptical that Sweden wants to be on almost all the things the alliance does – except to become a member.

What shall you do if there will be a war? Sweden can only defend themselves for a week and then have to get outside help.

Sweden allows thousands of immigrants to flee their country to come to Sweden. You in Sweden allow these immigrants to change your community, make your country multicultural and change your way of thinking.

Racism is a big problem in your country, you know not what you may say, you know not what you can do, but, you know that Sweden is your country, you have the right to put your foot to the government and show the government that it is society that really decides.

Sweden know who we are because we’ve previously showed them that we are watching you.

And what did we learn from the Swedish government when they were frightened and thought that was the end of their internet history when we visited you?
. We learned that society can decide, that we can get the power and that we can also get our voice heard if we cooperate.

Can you in the community decide how Sweden should look like?
Can your king decide how he wants Sweden to look?

NO, but your government can, and does.
When you are not watching or listening, the government talking about your country behind your back.

Have you ever thought what they’re agreeing to, what they are trying to cover up, what they are trying to hide, if not then you should start doing it.

Your democracy has been noticed from many different countries around the world and for many it is not appreciated the way you think anymore.

Previously, you were the best country in the world and now you are not there anymore, what happened?
You let everything happen.

What you need to do is grab your country and make it what it was in the past, make it good again.

Gather yourselves and your friends, family and spread this word further. There MUST be a change soon or else your country will not work anymore.

2013 will be the year with success, with luck, with peace and with your right to say your word.

You know what you want with it, you know you want to feel safe, secure and peaceful.

Together we can become united again, and united we will stand.
Talk to each other and come up with a solution together about how to make it better and stronger.
Together we are unbeatable and the government has no chance.

As you have heard this message, you have to share it with your community, reup load it, post it on Facebook or something. We can’t let this happen to our world, we’re better than that.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Lena var en ytterst aktiv och samhällsengagerad författare verksam i Rabén&Sjögrenhuset mellan 1984 och 1992. Bibliografi Det händer aldrig mig (1997), Bilda Förlag Är barn allt? (1992), Rabén & Sjögren Botten upp (1989), R&S Utanför (1989), R&S Könskriget (1988), R&S Fyy 17! (1987), R&S Huddingegruppen: "-norra Europas främsta narkotikaspanare-" (1986), Pseudonym - spökskriven åt Gösta Claesson, R&S Mordet på Törnrosa (1985), R&S Ett Södermalm som gör dig varm (1984), Swedmedia Häktad på sagolika skäl (1984), R&S Älska lagom (1984), R&S Våra undulater (1981), Pseudonym: Lena Andersson, R&S Skola i fosterland : en bok om skolan (1970), Medverkande "Indoktrineringskampanjen", Gidlunds